Mayan Religion

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Religious Beliefs

The Mayan's were Polytheistic, which means they believed in many gods and they worshipped those gods everyday. The Mayan's believed that a part of heaven was reserved for their afterlife and their ancestors who have already passed. On the contrary, the Mayan's also believed in an underworld. If the Mayan's did not worship in the right way, they believed that the demons would come out of the underworld and attack all of the Mayan people. To make sure that their were no demons, at religious ceremonies priests would wear masks to scare the demons away and to appear stronger.

Main Gods

Kukulcan - a god that created "everything", and who could bring people back to life in either a new form or an old form. Originated from Toltec myth, where he was a divine hero who taught the Toltec's manny things.

Itzamna - a divine being who was one of the most important god in Mayan mythology. He was believed to be a ruler of both heaven, day, and night.

Chac - god of Agriculture, Fertility, and Thunderstorms.

The 13 Heavens

The Mayan people believed that their were 13 heavens. They also believed that 13 was a lucky number. As a Mayan, you would start on the 13th level of heaven and through your life you slowly ascend to the 1st level of heaven. You actually do not know what level you are on until you die, which is why you do your best to follow all of the Mayan religion's rules.

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There are many different gods that were worshipped by the Mayan people. Depending on which area you lived in, told you which god you had to worship and how important it was. If your area was ever taken over by another area's ruler, you then had to start worshipping whichever god your new ruler told you to.


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