Apple iTunes vs Google play

Simeralites and Differences

Areas of Focus

Apple iTunes focuses more on music and games

Google Play focuses more on tool apps

Apple iTunes vs. Google Play: Prices

iTunes apps come out at around $0.99 for the basic apps but for the premium apps you will have to pay $1.25.

Google Play apps average comes out at $3.74 an app which is a little high but there are some lower ones at $1.30.

Apple iTunes and Google Play: Interfaces

Apple iTunes vs. Google play: Accessibility

Apple iTunes Is pretty easy to access so is Google Play, so i call a draw there both pretty easy to access.

Apple iTunes vs. Google Play: Approval Process

The app approval process for Apple changes over time, it can take several weeks to get feedback if the app is approved or denied. To become a devloper it cost $99 but after you pay that small fee you can make as many apps as you want for free. But they can tend to be a little buggy if there from a third party releaser.

For Google Play the process is more laied back they will probably just release the app instantly if it follows the guidelines. It dosen't cost anything to send in a app on android, so its more open to beter producers.

Apple iTunes vs. Google Play: App Availability

With Apple you can find a app for pretty much anything, there are some apps like Jetpack Joyride that are not on the Android.

Google Play tends to have nicer apps because they monitor the bugs so they come out as nice as possible, games like Angry Birds look nicer on Android than Apple.

Who Has More Apps?

Apple iTunes has over 635,000, while Google Play has over 600,000