What to Wear or What Not to Wear

Young Adult Job Interview

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What to Wear:

-You should dress neat and tidy

-It should be business casual

-You should always make sure you keep it professional.

-Dress for the job, don't overdo it or underdo it.

-Keep it basic and conservative.

-Make sure you dress a little nicer than what the business requires you to wear.

Ex: Khaki's and a tucked in polo for men

Ex: a blouse and dress pants for girls

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What Not to Wear:

-No jeans or shorts

-No tank tops, crop tops, or anything especially low cut (shirt or pants) or too short (skirt or blouse).

-No flip-flops

-No fleeces

-No sportswear

-Should never where unprofessional bracelets, sunglasses, bags, etc.

-Don't wear facial piercing.