Henry ford should have a holiday



Hello. There are many many people help the people of the world.But Henry Ford maid transportation easier faster and cooler.And he made the G.P.S work. So is that awesome and is should be on July 30. the day he was born. so now do you see what i'm talking about.
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When he made the model T. He made it easy way to transport our self. And it helped by saving more energy than ever before. And he did this on October 1 1908. The modal T went 16 km in 1 hour. do you like that. I do and a lot. were has it took us now. see what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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And he is sure smart . Well there is an easy easy way to put this. He made a car. How hard is it to make a microwave? well lets say 20 times harder. so logic if you can make a new masheen from scratch. It is peaty COOL. But to make us drive in the 18 hundreds. cool of colones.


He is a relay helpful person. He did many many many modal T is a short amount of time. Witch saves time and so does the car. And he made life easier and cooler. And he is a man that never gave up. witch is good. So he is one of the best inventor in the world.


I HOPE YOU LOVE Henry FORD has a holiday on June 30 because he made the modal T. He is is smart helpful and made the model T. and it should be on June 30 because he was born on that day.
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