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The Amazing Spencer Elementary: May 20, 2022

News from the office

Remember Your Family Pass!

PLEASE remember to bring your Family Pass with you EVERY day you come to pick up your student! We frequently have substitute teachers that will not recognize you and will send you to the office to get a temporary pass before releasing your child to you, which makes a busy time of day even busier for the office staff. It's better for everyone if you remember your Family Pass.

Medication Pick Up

Student medication(s) must be picked up by dismissal time on June 15th.

All medication(s) must be picked up by a parent/guardian.

Any medication not picked up will be discarded.

Note from the Attendance Secretary

If you have any medical notes for student(s) absences during this 3rd trimester, feel free to send them in. Medically excused absences do not count against attendance when I compile excessive absences before sending notifications home.

Summer Tutoring

If you are interested in keeping that learning going for your child over summer break, we have some teachers who tutor during the summer. Contact the office for names and contact information.

Thank You!

On behalf of the Staff at Spencer, I'd like to extend a big THANK YOU to Cooper & Reisterer Law Firm in Brighton for providing us with a delicious lunch from El Toro in Brighton.

Also a Big THANK YOU to Katie Fick and Jacqui Schafka, two of our Spencer parents who made some delicious desserts for the staff. Those cookies were amazing!

And finally a big THANK YOU to Jen Lumsden, our PTO President extraordinaire for stepping right in to pick up the food, drinks, and then her fairy dust to make it look so nice

Sunscreen Concerns

It's fantastic to enjoy the sun shining on all of us as we break out of the winter doldrums. It's also a good idea to protect your skin with sunscreen. It's best to lather up your child before school if you wish, but please don't send in the lotion or spray to school. We have such caring souls and children want to share, however, some students can't have any due to a variety of reasons. Others are spraying and it ends up in the eyes causing irritation.

The teachers are not able to apply sunscreen as well as a safety precaution. So, if you choose to wear sunscreen, please apply it at home.

Why wear good footwear when playing on playground equipment?

As the weather gets warmer we are seeing more injuries on the playground due to students climbing and running in sandals. Whenever your children play on playground equipment, expect that they will jump and run around. When your children play on playground equipment, their bodies move in different directions with different intensities. These actions can put too much pressure on their bodies and feet, making them at risk of painful injuries.

Sending your children to school in durable shoes can lessen their susceptibility to these situations. Good footwear can protect your child’s ankle and feet by providing optimal cushioning and ankle and grip support.

A Dash of Salt Podcast

Here's a sneak peek into what's planned for next year at The Amazing Spencer Elementary and other past episodes.

Click here to listen before they disappear!


Have you noticed our big green and yellow recycle bin in the parking lot? Well, it loves all kinds of paper and our school earns prizes and cash for your paper donations. Please drop in your newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office papers, and even junk mail. Also, tell your neighbors that they can do the same!

Music Room News

Music Nights

2nd Grade Music Nights

5/23- 6:00 Cowgill and McBride

1st Grade Music Night

5/26 - 6:00 Phillips and Rowe

5/26 - 6:45 Price and Anderson

3rd Grade Music Night

6/1 - 6:00 Sobolevski and Kahl

6/1 - 6:45 Copenhaver and Ferguson

If a student has a time conflict, they are invited to attend the other time slot offered for their grade level. 2nd grade students also have the option to attend on the other date if there is a conflict. Otherwise, I will expect to see students at their listed time.

Family Music Nights are a format where all family members will be joining their students in the singing, dancing, playing and learning. Family Music Nights are not formal concerts where students sing on risers and families watch/record from seats in the audience. There will be limited seating for those who need it. Families should come prepared to move and sing and join in the fun!

Spencer Book Fair!

Hi Spencer Families!

Books Bring us Together! I am excited to announce the Spring Book Fair is coming soon to our school! Save the date for Wednesday, May 25th. The Fair will be open during our Family Picnic that evening.

We cannot run our Book Fairs without our amazing family volunteers! If you are interested, please click on the link below to sign up for a time to help us out. We would be very grateful!!

Thank you for helping us get books into the hands of our Spencer students.

~Mrs. Richards

Art Room News

Thank You from the Art Room

Thank you for all of the Ziploc donations to help support our students!

Downtown Brighton is filled with artwork from our elementary artists and it is all so colorful and happy as you walk or drive by.

The roadrunners are featured at the Running Lab, Great Harvest and The Brighton Coffee House & Theater, and Foguth Financial. Please see our list of work on display in the attachment below.

PTO News

Join us on Wednesday, May 25th from 5:30-7:00 for a Family Picnic and Scholastic Book Fair! This is a family event, just to relax on the playground with some friends and have dinner. We will have hotdogs, chips, and water for you. When you are done eating, head into the media center to find some great summer reading!

Recess Run has been a hit with the kids the past two weeks! Many thanks to Vikki Indermuehle for heading this up! There are still a few slots open if you would like to volunteer for the last four sessions during lunch! See the signup genius here!


5/25: Family Picnic and Book Fair 5:30-7:00

6/9: Ice Cream Social

6/14: Field Day

As always, please check out our Facebook page and/or website for the most up to date information this year.

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Lunch Information


NOTE: If your child is a COLD LUNCH, the cost of a milk is $.50. It is NOT FREE. If your child gets a HOT LUNCH, the milk is included in the free Federal grant lunch.

Lunch Volunteer Opportunities for May/June

If you are interested and available to volunteer at Spencer any weekday from 11:00 am until 1:45 pm please visit our May & June Sign Up Genius. You will find the link by clicking HERE.

Thank you! We appreciate your help!

The Spencer Office

Library News

Need Technological Help?

Do you have questions about accessing school links and applications at home? Do you need more guidance logging in, Google Classroom, Google Meet, or SeeSaw? If so, click the button before to access the BAS Parent Tech Guide.

Spencer Virtual Library/STEAM Center

Hi Roadrunner Families,

I have expanded our Virtual Library/STEAM Center, so that your children have access to more resources at home, connecting them to our Library. I hope they enjoy learning, staying engaged and staying connected with our Spencer Family! Have fun exploring!

Spencer Virtual Library/STEAM Center

~Mrs. Richards

Note From the Counselor

Counselor Corner!

Well, we made it to the final stretch of the year! The last few weeks, when the sun is shining and energy is high! And after so many months of hurdles and challenges, it is time to celebrate all that we accomplished and overcame during this school year. The Elementary Counselors would like to take time this month to celebrate our students and highlight their amazing strengths. We plan to take time with classrooms to focus on lessons missed at some other point in the year or revisit specific topics that need a refresher. We want to end this year on a positive note and recognize how truly resilient our students are, and we hope that you take some time at home to do this as well.

Thank you for the amazing support from our staff and parents as we worked to connect with and support all of our students this year. We are already working towards our plans for next school year and look forward to expanding our avenues of support.

More Resources: We also have our BAS Elementary Counseling website for ideas and resources to be used at home!

Mrs. McKiddy


Note from the Transportation Department

The Transportation Department does not allow students to ride home with their friends for play dates. If your child wants a friend to come over after school, a parent has to transport the children home. They will not accept notes from the parents to have a friend ride the bus home with your student.

Thank you for understanding.

Covid-19 Guidance

Click the MDHHS button for the latest Updated Recommendations for Isolation & Quarantine. It is no longer necessary to report positive cases to the self reporting link.

If you need a testing kit, contact the Spencer Office to pick one up. If you are emailing in a picture of a Covid + test, please include the name of student, the date & time the test was administered.

Tick Resource Guide

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Fun Events Around the District

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Important Dates at a Glance


24-26 - Book Fair

25 - Family Picnic from 5:30-7:00 PM

30 - No School - Memorial Day


9 - Ice Cream Social

14 - Field Day

15 - Last Day of School - Half-Day (Time TBA)

Daily Start Time

Student drop off will be 8:40 (this is different than years past)

First Bell - 8:46

Starting Time in class- 8:50 AM

Dismissal Time - 3:43 PM

Pick-up time: 3:40

Attendance Line*


*Please remember to call your child's absence in as early as possible.