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A Note from the Creator

The 2015-2016 school year has been a successful one for Cedar Ridge High School HOSA. The members have gotten involved in a variety of ways, from community impact to competitive events. Cedar Ridge HOSA represents the very best of the Health Science students. The following stories are a portion of all the club has done since September.


The creator of the Annual Chapter 1064 Newsletter


Note from the Creator: Editor's Input

Fall Fun: Events taking place between August and November

Beat Winter Colds and Allergies: Tips to prevent and treat colds and allergies

Winter Highlights: HOSA events between November and February

Spring Spirit: Events and news from late February and early March

Health & Wellness: Information on staying healthy year-round

Member Corner: The Three Brothers Abrea

Looking Forward: What lies ahead for Chapter 1064.

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Fall Events

There were many events this fall, including the homecoming parade and Zombie Experience.Many new members joined HOSA, specifically freshmen.


President: Sunitha Konatham

Vice President: Jennifer Hicks

Secretary: Sarah Bialo

Treasurer: Sneha Sabu

Historian: Divya Sreedharane

Homecoming Parade

The homecoming parade, a new tradition at Cedar Ridge, features athletes, clubs, and teams. Cedar Ridge HOSA students dressed in scrubs and walked in the parade, representing HOSA as well as Cedar Ridge.

Zombie Experience

HOSA members in grades 11 and 12 were invited to participate in Theatre at the Ridge's Zombie Experience. The Zombie Experience is a "haunted house" event put on every year around Halloween. HOSA students acted as zombie doctors and taught Hands-Only CPR while visitors waited in line.


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Beat Winter Colds and Allergies

Colds and allergies are very common in the Winter. Here are some useful tips that can help treat and prevent illness.

Take any and all prescribed allergy medications: If your doctor or healthcare provider has prescribed, including pills or nasal sprays. This is a preventative measure.

Drink hot tea with local honey: Hot tea with a bit of local honey in it can help soothe the throat and provide relief. Local honey contains local pollen, which may help build up strength against allergens.

Get enough sleep each night: Getting enough sleep each night helps the body stay rested and energized. It is easier to fight infection and sickness if the body has had enough rest.

Winter Highlights

The Winter, especially December and January, were very busy times for HOSA members, especially all those who competed in events.

Online Testing Events

Online testing events were held in December, and many competitors from Cedar Ridge are headed to area in January, or state in April. Members advanced in the categories of Medical Law and Ethics, Nurse Assisting, and Health Care Issues. Congratulations to all who are advancing!

Area Competition- Spring Leadership Conference

The Area 1 Spring Leadership Conference was held at Lake Travis High School on January 29th and 30th. Cedar Ridge performed very well, and placed in several events. Cedar Ridge competed in Nurse Assisting, CPR/First Aid, Biomedical Debate, Researched Persuasive Speaking, Health Career Display, Health Education, Healthy Lifestyles, Public Service Announcement, and Extemporaneous Poster Making.

Valentine's Day Social

Members gathered after school to make cards for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) students to deliver to the nursing home. Students made cards using stickers, markers, and cutouts. HOSA members enjoyed making cards to spread joy and spending time with each other.


Spring Events

In the Spring, many HOSA members prepared for state and national HOSA competitions by fundraising.

Math and Science Night

Members volunteered at the Forest Creek Elementary School Math and Science Night. The volunteers lead health related activities and represented the Health Science Academy. All participating elementary school students enjoyed learning about HOSA and experiencing health in such a hands-on way.

Spring Fundraiser

All HOSA members were invited to sell chocolate bars in order to fund raise for Nationals and to buy CPR mannequins, HOSA members sold boxes of chocolate bars. Each chocolate bar cost $1, and the profits helped lower the expenses for trips to National hopefuls.

•Health & Wellness•

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Health & Wellness

General health and wellness are very important to everybody. Here are some helpful reminders about maintaining wellness.

Go to Annual Check-Ups: By getting an exam every year, problems and minor complications can be caught and treated sooner.

Eat Well: Human bodies need lots of nutrients in order to run properly. Eat foods that will energize your body.

Get Vaccines: Vaccines, including the yearly influenza vaccine, stop viruses from spreading. If possible, get vaccinated.

Check Vision: If you notice blurriness, or you don't see as well, visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The eyes are very important, and you should take care of them.

•Member Corner•

The Three Brothers Abrea

Cedar Ridge HOSA has been home to a variety of people and members, but none of these members have been brothers. There are three brothers, the Abreas, involved in HOSA and health sciences. Simon, Sam, and Sebastian are HOSA members, and two of them have competed in events.

Their parents are both in the medical field, and all three brothers plan on pursuing careers in the medical field- orthopedics and dermatology, among others. Although the Abreas will be moving, they plan to be involved in HOSA at their new school.

Health is clearly a passion that is part of the entire family, evident through the Abrea brothers.

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The Abrea brothers at a HOSA meeting.

photo via Nancy Colclasure

Looking Forward

The 2015-2016 year was a successful one for members of HOSA. Even though fundraisers and Area Competitive events are over, members still have so many things to look forward to. There will be a banquet, officer elections for the 2016-2017 school year, and state and national competition. Good luck to all those who are competing in state events, and remember that Chapter 1064 is rooting for you!
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