Making Teaching Simpler...

Through Technology

Using Technoology in the Classroom

Using technology in the classroom should not make life harder, though there might be a little work ahead of time. It could be used in two different ways: teacher centered and student centered. Teacher centered would be focused on you and ways to improve your day to day tasks. Student centered would be ways to help kids practice or master new skills, or demonstrate content knowledge.
Student Introduction to ClassDojo

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is a website for classroom management. It is also an app. Imagine turning your clipchart into a digital version that you could have with you ANYWHERE (walking down the hall, specials, or field trips). Class Dojo allows you to select the whole class for earned points; you could always unselect student names for kids who are not on task. Each day you take attendance so that kids who are absent aren't being punished/rewarded when they aren't in the classroom.

You can also invite other teachers to give and take points (specials). You can invite parents to see their child's behavior. (If they have the app then they receive notifications every time.) Students can log in and change their monster (yes, they love this). There is a built in timer and random student selector; both tools that I use constantly.

It's all FREE!

What do the kids have to say?

Before the 2013-2014 school year ended, I asked my kids what they thought of Class Dojo...

Teacher: So what do you think of Class Dojo? Is there anyone who didn't like it?
Student 1: (only one to raise his hand) I don't like that I could lose points when I don't finish work.
Teacher: (laughing in my head) Well, I guess we know what you need to do then, huh?
Student 1: laughs

Student 2: I like that I can see how many points I have.

Student 3, 4, 5
: I like that I can earn rewards.

Reward System & Tracking?

Reward System

Depending on how you choose to use Class Dojo, you can set up different prizes and target numbers, similar to prizes you would have used with Mancy PRIDE tickets. Kids loved this! But how do you keep up with the prizes? I had the 'Ruler of the Dojo' distribute prizes using a checklist and easily accessible prizes. Here are other sample ideas of how teachers are setting up rewards using Class Dojo.

Behavior Tracking

I found that an awareness was created when I was using Class Dojo. Since I could see the kids total points... the kids who really 'high' on their points, I made sure that they were worthy. The kids who were 'low' I made sure that I was targeting them more, trying to create more positive. For the low kids, I used the points and created personal goals, separate from the class point total.

At the end of each day my kids had to record their Dojo Points on a calendar in their folder that went home each day. This was just another talking point for the kids and I when I checked their folder. Class Dojo can create some reports to help with talks during parent conferences, est, etc. Here are some examples of how other teachers are tracking student data with Class Dojo.

The Two Guys Show #31: Class Dojo (with creators from Class Dojo)

The Two Guys Show #31: Class Dojo