Second Grade Rock Stars

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Creativity and Collaboration

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Coming on Tour Soon:

  • 11/21-11/25: No School (Thanksgiving Week)
  • 11/29: Love and Logic Class at 6:00pm in Room W16
  • 12/1: WAVE Board Meeting at 6:30 pm in the Art Room
  • 12/1: Talent Show Applications Due (Click HERE to apply)
  • 12/1: Lottery Applications Open for the 2017-2018 year
  • 12/8: Governance Meeting at 5:00 pm on the Pebblewood Campus
  • 12/8: WCS Board Meeting at 6:30 pm on the Pebblewood Campus
  • 12/15: Early Dismissal Day (School is out at 1:20)
  • 12/15: Spirit Day: Pajama Day
  • 12:15: Barnes and Noble Family Night from 5:00-7:00pm
  • 12/16-01/02: No School: Winter Break
  • 01/03: School Back in Session
The Olympic Triathlon

Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

It was fabulous to meet with everyone and discuss all about your amazing rock star! This is such a special and caring group that I leave every day thinking about how this group is bound to touch the hearts of so many in the future!

What a blast we have been having! From conducting surgery to attending plays to even becoming Olympians! We have really been going full speed! We are finishing up our Endangered Animal and Environmental Advocacy Unit and students are currently working on coming up with an action plan to help their animal as well as creating a call to action for others to get inspired and involved. We've been learning about our animals and will continue to learn more and think deeper about how we can help.

In reading, students have been working on their reading strategies and are ready to begin guided reading as opposed to simply reading conferences. Students have begun coaching each other in the reading strategies as they read together. It has been amazing to see the development of these readers and see them begin to define themselves as readers and writers. The reading conferences have really allowed me to see what each student's strengths are as a reader and help them pinpoint areas to work on.

In writing, students have grown tremendously! It is amazing to see and compare their narrative writing at the beginning of the year to now. We will continue to develop our skills as we move through the writing process while writing fractured fairy tales in writing workshop.

After our Endangered Animals Unit, we will be learning about different cultures and places. We will travel around the world to learn about people, languages, and they way people live. We will also be learning about cultures and beliefs through multicultural folktales and fairy tales. Traveling around the world is an adventure and we can't wait to explore! I would love to have you or a family member share your knowledge about a celebration, a place, a ceremony, or something special about your culture or about the places you have traveled! Keep an eye out for the google form headed your way this week or shoot me an email if you are willing to share!

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Rockin' and Rollin' into the Future!

Math: Subtraction with regrouping/borrowing and place value understanding to the 1000's place

Reading: In Reading Workshop we are doing guided reading groups where students are reading a lbook based on their reading level and discussing that book together with their group.

Writing: For Endangered Animal unit- they are writing a using both informative and persuasive: informative to write about the animal and bring awareness and persuasive to encourage a call to action). Students will also be writing a fractured fairytale (narrative writing) during our writing workshop time.

Language: Adding in more adjectives and adverbs to writing, using collective nouns, and capitalization rules

Science: Environmental Advocacy for Endangered Animals

Social Studies: Geography (Our Place in the World) and Multicultural Cinderella Stories from around the world

Spelling: Click for the Spelling Word List and Challenge Word List

Questions to ask your child...

  • Why is your animal endangered?
  • How can others help your animal? How can you help your animal?
  • How do you plan to convince others to help your animal?
  • What is your favorite aspect of the book you are reading? What makes it interesting/ exciting/nailbiting, etc.?
  • Make 3 pizzas: 1 with 4 slices, 1 with 6 slices, and 1 with 8 slices. If I have 6 friends over, how many slices will each get? Do you think everyone got a fair share of the pizza? Why or why not?
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Messages that pertain to our class: text @4rockstar to the number: 81010