Assassination Of President Garfield

Killed by Charles J Guiteau

july 2 1881

The assassination of President James A. Garfield took place in Washington, D.C. Garfield was shot by Charles J Guiteau at 9:30 am, less than four months into Garfield's term as the 20th President of the United States. Garfield died eleven weeks later on September 19, 1881, the second of four Presidents to be assassinated. Garfield also lived the longest after the shooting, compared to other presidents.

Assassination Of President Garfield

Saturday, July 2nd 1881 at 9:30am

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad station

As President Garfield entered the waiting room of the station Guiteau stepped forward and pulled the trigger from behind at point-blank range. "My God, what is that?" Garfield cried out, flinging up his arms. Guiteau fired again and Garfield collapsed.One bullet grazed Garfield's shoulder; the other hit him in the back, passing the first lumbar vertebra but missing the spinal cord before coming to rest behind his pancreas.

Charles J Guiteau considered INSANE

Guiteau's family had judged him to be insane in 1875 and attempted to have him committed, but Guiteau escaped. Now his mania took a violent turn. After the encounter with Blaine, Guiteau decided that he had been commanded by God, he is quoted in saying, "I leave my justification to God..." to kill the ungrateful President. Guiteau borrowed $15 and went to purchase a revolver.