This is Aaron

By: Aaron Martin

Culinary Hobby and Career

My name is Aaron, as you have probably figured out, and there is not much to know about me. I enjoy cooking and I am currently in Prostart 2. I have competed in one culinary competition since I decided that I wanted to become a chef and my team won first place. This competition really helped to set in stone my desire to enter the culinary field and I will be competing again in February.

Family Information

My family is pretty simple. I live with my dad, mom and one of my sisters, Rachael. I have another sister, Jenness, and a brother, Jason, who are both much older than I am. My brother lives in Ecuador and works in Iraq, he has one daughter. My sister Jenness lives in Belton and works in Kansas City as a nurse, she and her husband have two sons, a daughter, and another on the way. Rachael is currently figuring out what she wants to do with her life; she graduated from Belton High School last year.

My Break and Holidays

My break was primarily spent playing Xbox, visiting with my family, and spending time with my friends and girlfriend. I celebrated Christmas by spending the day with my family at my sister's house. I brought in the new year by playing Monopoly with my girlfriend, Laurel, and her mother.


As I said, I compete in culinary competitions and plan on going into that career field. On top of that, I am the Treasurer of FCCLA, a member of Student Council, and I am on the Academic Team here at Belton.


My favorite animals are turtles.