New Religion

Questions to me

Down below are questions I answered from some Gentiles. If you have any questions, make sure to ask them.

Dear Paul, I am a Gentile. I am really curious about this new religion. I know that we share different laws than Jews. Will we have to follow the Laws of the Jews? I hope not because I don’t feel comfortable.

Good question. Well you don't necessarily have to follow the Jews' laws, but we have similar laws.

Dear Paul, as crazy as this might seem, I love women. But for some reason they all keep leaving me. So my question is, Is there a limit to how many wives I can have?

Well here's the thing. No, there is no limit to the number of wives, but depending on who the women is they might not want to marry someone who has been married to a lot of other women. So I suggest that you wait for marriage until you've found that special somebody.

Dear Paul, I have two questions for you. Is it against the religion to get divorced? If it is and someone commits adultery, what is the consequence?

No, there it isn't against the law to get divorced. Although, you may not commit adultery and you would be jailed or stoned if you do it.

Dear Paul, Will I have to be circumcised? Because I'm afraid of that happening to me.

Yes, you have to get circumcised. Don't worry, it really isn't that bad. It may hurt for a couple of days but after about a week it will feel the same.

Dear Paul, I am 54 year old. I was born in Corchapas and have lived there all my life. If I convert to this new religion, will I be forced to move?

Hey I've been to Corchapas. It's a great village. But to answer your question, no you will not be forced to move out of your home.

Dear Paul, I am 60 years old and I'm joining Christianity. Since I am of old age, Will i still have to receive baptism?

Yes, anyone who is joining Christianity has to be baptized. It is the start of your Christian journey.

Dear Paul, I have been apart of my religion for 3 decades. I am so accustomed to the laws of my religion. What if I accidentally break a rule because I forget the I’ve switched religions? What are the consequences?

Well, it all depends on what law you commit. Also you should learn the religions quickly because were really strict when it comes to people breaking the law.


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