Newtons 3rd Law of Motion

By: Alaina Smith

Newtons 3rd Law of Motion

Newton’s 3rd laws states force occur in equal but opposite pairs. For an example when a rocket “moves up” while the gasses from the fuel are pushing “down”. The reason it does this is because unbalanced forces are acting upon each other. If the rocket didn’t push off the ground then there would be no action and if there’s no action there is no reaction. So really you would need more of a push.

Another example would be when you are playing basketball. What happens when you dribble the basketball you’re putting pressure on the ball to hit the ground well when you are doing that you’re putting a reaction to the ball. Because when you have an equal force going against the ball it’s not going to move. Well an interesting thing is when you get a balloon and as the balloon deflates and goes through the action and reaction.

A place all of these examples can be done in your home except for the rocket but the balloon and the basketball can be done at home, probably though outside. When this can happen doesn’t matter because there are very safe and easy experiments to do. Well in newton’s 3rd law is the easiest to do any with it in everyday life.

Picture Sources/ Caption

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Caption: this picture represents when the gasses from the fuel are pushing down and how the rocket move up.

when dribbling the ball your appling force to the ball when it hits the ground.