End of the year science expirement

Egg Drop

The purpose

To make the egg land in the cup.

The steps to sucess

  • Set the cookie pan on the cup, with the egg sitting in the cardboard tube on top.
  • Whack the cookie pan with your writing hand hard
  • Stand back and watch the egg plop into the cup of water
Tips: hold the cup, position the egg on it's side, have a level surface
Big image

What I learned

  • The egg was the object that remained in rest
  • The cardboard hooked onto the cookie pan
  • The pan and cardboard went flying
  • While gravity pulled down the egg

Taking it further

  • I added another egg to the experiment keeping only one pan
  • To see if it would work
  • The first try didn't work
  • Once I repositioned the eggs, it did.