"The Campaigner"

For the adventure of being alive


What is a ENFP? They are what are known as Campaigners. Campaigners are very social and have a need for adventure. They make up 7% of the population, and have a free spirit. They view Life as a big complex puzzle and are viewed as leaders by their peers. They think outside the box and live life to the fullest.


Having the ability to understand or know something without direct evidence or reasoning process. This is good in ENFPs because they can trust others and are easily trusted by others.
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Showing emotion or sensitivity toward your self or one another. This means that ENFP's feel for others and help people through tough times. This can also be positive such as HAPPY, OPEN, ALIVE, GOOD.
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ENFP's enjoy spending time with others then themselves. They find less reward in time spent alone and feels more energized being with others. They are more prone to bordom by themselves.
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