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We ALL can work, but TOGETHER we WIN!

Dear Parents,

In this unique time, there is a lot of uncertainty, but working together we can ensure success! Please be assured that we are here for you and are excited to see the awesome things that our students are accomplishing. Do not hesitate to contact the classroom teacher with specific questions on content.

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As we gather resources, we will add them to the Parent Resources page.

We are here for you,

LMS Admin, Teachers & Staff

Signing Up in Canvas as a Parent

Please click HERE for an overview on how to sign up in Canvas for a parents view. (8th Grade Only)
Podcast for Parents #1 - Steve Barkley

This podcast series helps support parents in the guiding learning role. Gain insight on how you can help children learn best, and hear how using ‘think-alouds’ at home can help find concessions between the parents and children.

Podcast for Parents #2 - Steve Barkley

The podcast explores how shifting our words and perspective from ‘schoolwork’ to ‘learning tasks’ you can help your children be successful in their lessons. Learn how to engage in learning production behaviors so the learning outcomes can occur.

Podcast for Parents: Time Management #3

This podcast explores how you can assist your student in developing time management skills while learning time is less structured and less managed by adults. Planning and reflecting strategies are offered.

Podcast for Parents: Motivating Learners #7

It is important to think about how one learns self-motivation strategies. Listen as Steve explores the differences and provides opportunities for engaging in discussions and shares examples for how to empower your learners.

Podcast for Parents: Learners’ Screen Time #14

With many students now having to learn at home, it’s important for parents to be mindful of the negative effects of spending too much time on screens. Listen as neuroscientist, Dr. Mark Williams explains how to manage learners’ screen time.

Podcast For Parents Building Optimism #20

In this week’s episode of the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast, Steve looks at optimism and how to consciously practice positiveness.

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What's going on at HOME?

We'd love to encourage you to share the wonderful learning going on at home and we MISS our kids. If you would like to TWEET and share with others strategies & activities your child is doing, please tag @LampasasMS & #LMSmakingthemost -- We can't wait to see our kids!!!!

Lampasas Middle School

While students are home learning & campus learning, we'll do our best to keep you updated and busy. Thank you for all you're doing! In this time, the best way to reach us is via the following: