Week 5 Discussion 1

Share your perspective on Lopez’s quote and statement above. Describe how your mindset has changed or been validated.

As an educator I feel that his statement is true. Assessments are something that I am a firm believer of and I use them in my classroom. Lopez states that assessments should be grounded in our commitment to use the information collected in a way that helps us generate greater success for our students. This information from assessments should give educators the information needed to not only find out ways to better the student but also give teachers insight on what is needed to better the student. Lopez couldn't of said it better!

Consider the 4 questions Lopez lists under “Defending our Assessment Practices”. How might you use these questions in your current or anticipated practice? What value might it add to your practice by keeping these questions in mind?

  1. Why are you participating in the assessments that you use with students?
  2. Can you share in explicit detail the value that you find in each assessment?
  3. Do you participate in assessments that you find no value in for students?
  4. Are you using an assessment you have no idea how to deliver, but are afraid to ask for help with?

These questions that Lopez states are ones the each teacher should ask themselves before each lesson as well as each assessment. I feel that answering these questions before a lesson can help with the assessment. These questions leads the way for a successful assessment. If the educator has not carefully planned for a lesson including assessments how can one give an assessment and expect a good outcome. Using these questions in my own classroom is beneficial to me as well as my students.

In what ways have you succeeded/failed to make students your partner in assessment?

I am not currently teaching at this moment but I have taught 5th grade. I am unsure if I have partnered with my students about my assessments but after giving one I have called each of my students that did not do well and personally went over the assessment with them. After going over the assessment I then give the students another worksheet that they can take home and work on more problems to help with their ability to obtain the information.