Hitler and His Views

Terrence Heard

Hitlers Travels

A failure in secondary school, he eventually traveled to Vienna to become an artist but was rejected by the Vienna Academy of fine arts. While in Vienna, Hitler developed his basics ideas, which he held for the rest of his life.
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Ideas of Hiltler

At the core of hitler's ideas was racism, especially anti-semitism. He was an extreme nationalist who understood how political parties could effectively use propaganda and terror. During Hitlers Viennese years, Hitler came to believe firmly in the need for struggle, which he saw as the granite foundation of the world.

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End of WW1

At the end of world war 1, after four years of service on the western front , Hitler remained in Germany and decided to enter politics. In 1919, he joined the little known German workers party one of the several right wing extreme national parties in Munich. By the summer of 1921 Hitler had taken control of the party, which by then he renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazis for short.
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