Brian Joros

High school baseball coach in Florida

Brian Joros: Coaches Must Teach Individually and as a Team

When it comes to the work of a coach, it is important for them to work on each individual player to elevate their game as well as teach the team to play together to achieve their goals. Both are just as important as the other and in order to gain success a coach must be able to coach their players in both areas.

Individual Skills

Working on the individual skills of players is important to the team as a whole and that player’s skill set. Every coach has his or her personal philosophy of how to play the game. In order for the coach’s philosophy to work, they have to have certain types of players fulfill specific duties on the team. Teaching the players to perform at the desired levels in described ways is imperative for a coach. Ensuring that all of their players can play their position at peak efficiency is a part of coaching. Not every player is on the same level, thus taking the time to teach them to work on their personal game will benefit the team as a whole.

Team Concepts

Every year as players change in and out of a team the skills of the team will change. Teaching the players to work as a team, to feed off of each other and work together is important. Players do not know everything, which is why they need to learn, but getting the players to give their opinions and work through tough situations, will help them to learn and understand why it is important for them to do what they need to do. Teaching the players to work as a team is important because no one person can win a game by themselves, even if they are the most productive member on the team.

Brian Joros is a great coach. In the five seasons that he coaches West Boca Raton High School, he nearly achieve one hundred wins. The coach of a team that won a regional championship knows well that he must coach the individuals and the team in order to continue winning.