The Elevator

By: William Sleator


Martin lives in an old building with an old and creaky elevator. One day martin was on his way out of the apartment to go to school. when he got to the elevator he got in and he was on his way down and down and then it stopped on floor 14. As the door opened he saw a women with a pig-like squished face wearing a green coat. martin tried to get out of her way but he easily found himself cornered. On the way down he found the lady staring at him the whole way down. on his way back from school he tried to avoid the elevator but it didnt work out to well. he broke his ankle trying to rush himself on the stairs. when his dad and him where on the elevator when they got back from the hospital martin had to walk with crutches. his dad got off half way there to go visit a friend. the elevator started upward. as soon as the door opened all he saw was a green coat.


The conflict in this story is the following:

Everyday Martin would get on the elevator the lady with the pig face and green coat would be waiting for him. All she would do is stare at him face to face not looking away at all.



Martin is very paranoid of elevators and apparently fat old ladies. He is frightened easily and runs away often.


The theme:

the theme of this story is kind of influencing you to try to face your fears in life and not to just cowar away like martin did.