Anti-Reconstruction Poster

by sam hein

Texan's Opinions

Within the period of reconstruction, Texans made a new label for northerners who came into their beloved state with wrong intentions; carpetbaggers. They strongly opposed their 'helping'. Texas could make an everlasting list at the time explaining their cold feelings towards reconstruction and 'carpetbaggers'- here's just a few.

  • Texan plantion owners and slaveholders were infuriated that their slaves that they paid decent money for were being freed and even given limited rights. Most southerners were highly angered by the decision.

  • Carpetbaggers tried to profit from reconstruction's destruction and were treated higher over the hardworking southerners.

Would I Support Redeemers and Democrats?

No. Before the Civil War, the country was not near as united and the officials were stuck on secession. They tried to restore Texas to how it was prior to the war. Redeemers' opinions included their view of slaves - keep them out of politics. I think that anyone should be availible to positions in economy no matter the skin color.