Hidden Valley Weekly Bulletin

Week of 9/8/15

Principal Point to Ponder

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

With all of the new ways that we can solve the world's problems or "get rich quick" gimmicks that take place in this world, there remains one constant thing that improves peoples lives---EDUCATION. Education is the most powerful tool that can change the world. An educated person sees the world in light of others, they understand other people's perspectives, and they can come up with solutions to the problems that one may face. Education is not just someone who is book smart, but someone who is enriched in life's experiences that broaden their perspective of all situations. Sometimes we have to sit back and think about what we are actually doing here at Hidden Valley. Are we just trying to get our babies to read, or to solve a math problem, or even to spell a word correctly. Well, we are trying to do those things, but education is more than that. Education at the elementary level is building that foundation for learning. We are tapping into our students' brains by getting them to think, getting them to imagine, to inquire, to ask why, and to create. We are tapping into their hearts, as we want them to love to learn, to respect one another, to trust in the system that can make them better individuals. Some of our students are the first members of their families to get and hold on to this rich experience of education. We have to be the one that shows them the way. Education is the ticket out of ignorance, and into the world of knowing, reflecting, and growing. We are the game changers. We are the ones that empower students to be more than they can be. If education is truly the most powerful weapon that can change the world, than WE are the ammunition.

Acknowledgements and Celebrations

* We want to welcome our new staff member Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown will be the other science lab teacher alongside Mr. Maxwell. If you haven't met him, make sure you introduce yourself.

* I want to give a special thank you to ALL the TAs and office assistants that have made this first two weeks extra smooth. You are always available to help, and we can't do this work without you.

* Excellent job to the cafeteria staff that is working hard to get the students through the breakfast and lunch line. Friday's breakfast was really smooth, and we look forward to an even smoother transition as the students remember their numbers.

* Kudos to Ms. Flynt to starting up the yearbook committee. Way to take charge

* Kudos to Ms. McAdam to being selected the FAC and LCAC rep for HVES this school year.

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Instructional Strategy of the Week

In Ms. Le's class, she teaches the children how they should be responding to one another. After she has modeled and taught the students how to interact with one another, she has created an anchor chart for the students to refer to when they are working in groups. Instruction is not only focused on academics, but on interactions that we have with one another. If we spend time building positive relationships and training our students on how to interact with one another, than academic instruction can become even more relevant.

Upcoming Events

* Boy Scouts coming to all 1st-5th grade classes (10 min per) 9/14

*Primary Elections in the media center 9/15

* Garden and Courtyard Cleanup 9/17

*Girl Scout Meeting after school 9/17

* Beginning Teacher Meeting 9/21

* Buster the bus Assembly PreK-2 9/29-- Mr. Brynildsen will email about details

* Teacher Workday 9/23

* Family Literacy night 10/1

What to Expect This Week

Monday 9/7---NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 9/8 - (DAY 1) - International Literacy Day--see email from Lungarini

- DIBELS/TRC - Kindergarten - (Media in the Computer Lab)

- MAPS- 4th grade Math

- MAPS 2nd grade Reading (Flynt, McAdam, McSherry, Porcayo)

Wednesday 9/9 (DAY 2) - BOG3 testing-- all specials teachers will come to you

(Media in the computer Lab)

- DIBELS/TRC- Kindergarten

- Staff Meeting (Committees) and staff picture - shirts should be

ready by then.

- MAPS 2nd grade Reading (Anderson,Douglas,Blyden,Goodman)

Thursday 9/10 (Day 3) - BOG3 Makeups

- DIBELS/TRC - Kindergarten

- MAPS 2nd grade Math (Flynt, McAdam, McSherry, Porcayo)

Friday 9/11 (Day 4) - DIBELS/TRC- First Grade

- MAPS Makeups