Sci-Tech Orientation Night

Learn about Centennial Senior P.S. and Sci-Tech North.

Centennial Senior Public School

Officially first occupied in September of 1966, Centennial Senior public school is now the home to 609 Middle School Students in grades 6,7,and 8. Under the direction of Principal Steve Hurt, in the Jeff DeFreitas Superintendancy, the Sci-tech North Program will open in the fall of 2013 with 56 grade 6 students and two teachers. The students and staff of Centennial are very excited to greet our new classmates entering this exciting program in its inaugural year!

Sci-Tech Orientation Night

Thursday, May 30th 2013 at 6:30pm

Centennial Senior Public School, Brampton, ON, Canada

Brampton, ON

Please Join us for a meet and greet, program information, and tour of the school on May 30th.

6:30- Introductions- Principal Steve Hurt

6:45-Sci-tech welcome- Mr. Dobbie and Mr.Gardner

7:00-school tours-Vice Principal Rozalie Martin and Centennial Ambassadors.

Sci Tech North-Centennial Sr. P.S.


The North Sci-Tech program at Centennial will be fully BYOD supportive. We will have several in classroom devices to support those students who do not bring a device however we will also utilize on a daily basis those devices that are brought to school. If you are choosing a device to bring to school or purchase please consider the following:

-The ability to take photos and video will be very helpful.

-Wifi will be available and many web 2.0 tools will be used.

-if you are choosing a smart phone or tablet we would highly recommend a protective case.

Things to Check out this summer! A free program to design animations and home made games. A repository of things created using the Relicator 2 3d printer A free software to design 3d objects A great site to begin thinking about global awareness Get your imagination moving! Digital Citizenship Contract Digital Passport

We are Sci-Tech North

Our modern way of life is based largely on the advances made by science and technology. We have developed as a society because of our natural curiosity - seeking answers to problems, examining how different areas of knowledge and facts relate to each other, and looking at not only what happens but also how and why something happens. SciTech North, for those living north of the 401, is based at Centennial Senior Public School. This program is offered by the Peel District School Board to students in grades 6, 7 and 8. In September 2013, Centennial will host its first two grade 6 classes as we begin this initiative. At SciTech, the emphasis is on inquiry, and on integrating science, technology and math with other subjects whenever possible, creating a unique learning environment. This is where students will gain a deeper understanding of the links among what they're learning and the world around them.