By- Ayla Mckean

Athens Government

Athens government was at one point an oligarchy, but later became a Democracy. In 600 B.C. Athenians began to rebel against the noble. Most farmers were in debt and had to sell themselves into slavery. Athenians were sick of all the debts, and land for the poor. Then in 594 B.C. a noble named Solon canceled all the debts and freed farmers from slavery. He allowed men citizens to participate in law court. Then 30 years later an tyrant named Peisistratus took power. He divide the poor into estates among the poor landless farmers, and he loaned money to the poor. After Peisistratus died Cleisthenes took power. He organized a government where male citizens could debate matters. He created a new council of 500, Athenians chose member each year with a lottery. Cleisthenes made Athena government a democracy.

Boys and Girls of Athens

Boys and girls were treated very differently.


  • at school learned to read, write, do arithmetic, and play the lyre.
  • finished school at age 18 and became citizens.
  • could be in assembly ( if chosen in lottery )
  • only girls from wealthy family's could be taught to read, write, and play the lyre.
  • learned to spin, weave, and do other household chores from their mother.
  • couldn't be in assembly or council.
  • couldn't become a citizen.

Location of Athens

Athens is located northeast of Sparta, about a two day trip away. Athens is by the Mediterranean sea.
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