Dogs On The Street

By Mila


Your probaly thinking all dogs have owners, well you thought wrong. In Himmulayas there are many dogs living on the streets eating food scraps from tourists. Some are nice and others are aggresive. But some people dont care.

There is a vetatarian from Australia that cares and came to help them and people. Some of these dogs carry diseases such as rabies, when humans get bitten from dogs that have it, they end up getting sick. There are to many people coming to the vet with dog bites.

The vets catch the dogs in a net and puts them down to see if they have rabies or another disease, if they do they will put them on drops and get them vaccinated. After thats done they get them de-sexed so the amount increases.

Few days later they will let them go and put them back where they found them. Now more humans are safe and no more rabies.