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March 2020

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COVID-19 Causes School Closure

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March 2020 will go down in the history books as the month the COVID-19 pandemic began in America. On March 13th, it was announced that MSD schools would close due to the outbreak until April 13th. Shortly afterwards the Governor extended that closure date until May 1st. On April 2nd, the Governor and State School Superintendent notified the public that schools would remain closed for the remainder of the school year and to carry on with remote learning. MSD will continue to update families with information as they are determined.

As we send out this newsletter, we are still in the midst of the pandemic, with confirmed cases rising and ever increasing social restrictions. These are uncertain and unusual times, but we'd like to use this month's newsletter to celebrate the goodness taking place in midst of the chaos.

Teachers Creatively Utilize eLearning During the COVID-19 School Closures

MSD teachers are creatively using eLearning to continue the educational process for their students for the remainder of the school year. Class projects are constrained to what can be accomplished entirely from the student's home, which brings the need for creativity from both students and teachers. Many teachers are also trying to connect their lessons to the happenings of the world in this moment.

Various technologies are being utilized for eLearning. Allyson Saunders, a 6th grade teacher from Sharp Creek Elementary, uses Kahoot, an online competitive quiz, to help her students engage with their material in a fun way.

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The most common technology being used for collaborative learning is Zoom, a remote conferencing service where teachers and students can see and speak to each other. Teachers are using Zoom in a variety of ways, including question and answer sessions, reading together and book discussion, introducing guest speakers to their class, and more. Several teachers mentioned the highest benefit of their Zoom sessions is the emotional benefit to the students as it allows them to see and interact with each other - something they greatly need right now.

The benefits of this outlet during these uncertain times has motivated some teachers to extend their offerings beyond the required eLearning days. Erica Tyson, an art teacher at Southwood Elementary, has been hosting “Drawing with Mrs. Tyson Nights” through Zoom. These just-for-fun sessions, allow students to develop a creative outlet while having fun with other students.
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While continuing to educate students is important, MSD of Wabash County’s highest priority is caring for the well-being of each of its student and families during these challenging days.

Food Services and Bus Drivers Unite to Feed the Community

Once the State of Indiana decided to close schools, MSD immediately implemented a Grab-n-Go meal program, which offers breakfast and lunches free of charge to any local child ages 1-18. Families sign up in advance and then pick up their meals from one of nine locations around Wabash County on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The program has grown rapidly, culminating last Wednesday, April 1st, with a total of 14,208 meals prepared and distributed to feed children through Spring Break!

The MSD Food Services team, led by Becky Bradley, Danette Kieninger, and Jenny Wilson, has worked tirelessly to make this endeavor possible. Assisting with food distribution is a team of bus drivers who transport and distribute the food at the non-school locations.

The MSD family is immensely thankful for their hard work which is blessing our community during these days!

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PPE Supplies Donated to Local Nursing Homes

During this time, it's vital for our community to work together and MSDWC schools have aimed to help where they can.

On March 30th, MSDWC donated a trunk load of personal protective equipment to four local nursing homes including Millers Merry Manors, Wellbrooke, and Autumn Ridge. The PPE supplies included gently used science goggles from Southwood and Northfield Jr./Sr. Highs, hand sanitizer provided by Metro North Elementary, and a large stock of rubber gloves gathered by MSD custodians.

Thank you to every MSD team member who helped make this possible!

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March Highlights

Sharp Creek Media Center Expanding Focus

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Sharp Creek’s library/media center continues to be about books, but also much more. The goal for the library is to continue to meet the needs of Sharp Creek students as technologies and information change. The media center at Sharp Creek contains more learning spaces for active and group learning in order to help promote problem solving, STEM, and digital citizenship as well as literature. The role of the librarian has also changed a bit in order to focus more on teaching students how to use learning tools to problem solve, work together with others, and access information rather than simply managing and controlling the library’s books.

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