Fabiano Francium

The worlds most wanted super villian


  • used in some scientific experiments, other than that its not used for anything else because its extremely rare

Symbol: Fr

Name: Francium

Atomic #: 87

Avg. Mass: 223

Protons: 87

Electrons: 87


  • has a half-life of about 22 minutes (21.8)
  • less than 340-550 grams exist on earths crust at any given time
  • Boiling point of 667 celsius
  • second rarest element in earth's crust next to astatine

Description of supervillain characteristics/ superpowers:

  • it's weakness is that is has a low melting point (27 degrees Celsius, or 81 degrees Fahrenheit
  • so radioactive it tends to dissolve itself
  • the least electro-negative of all the known elements

Fun Facts:

  • because its so rare its chemical and physical properties are unknown
  • the density is unknow