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Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year!

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Frequently Questions Asked

. Are we going to have a set time to wake up?

No, When you wake up early wake me up and we can wake dad up. The sooner we get gifts unpacked we can have more time at Nanny's

. Do we haft to get Baxter out?

Once again,no because he is so crazy now I will think about it an ask dad on Christmas morning.

.Will we haft to wait to open presents?

Not wait, but I will pass out the presents and we all open one and then see what you an everyone else got. Then put your wrapping paper in the bag {DO NOT LET ME FORGET TO GET A BIG BLACK PLASTIC BAG OUT OF THE GARAGE!} and so on.

. Will we make a plan?

Yes, we will so when I wake you up or if you are awake we will have a plan. This is so Santa can't see us and we can watch him. And we can't look at him or he will see us.

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