Rikers island address

Rikers Island

Why Rikers Island is not a prison

Rikers Island mainly or majorly consists of jails and prisons in which criminals are kept. It doesn’t only consist of people who committed some sort of crime, but it also consists of people who are local offenders and who are awaiting trial. This place gives a shelter to those who can’t afford bail from the judge. Most people mistake it for prison, but it should be known to all that this island is not a prison, it is a just a jail complex. It consists of criminals who have been served sentences for one year or less. It is meant for those who fail to afford or fail to get bail from the government for their crime. It is also meant for those who have pending transfer to another facility.

The difference between jail and prison-

Jail is meant for short term sentences. But prison is meant for those who have been awarded a long term sentences. Prison is the place for bigger criminals or the people or natives who have committed bigger crimes.

Rikers Island is not at all a prison. It consists of people who are sentenced to short time, which is maximum one to two years. But prison usually is the shelter for offenders serving longer sentences. This is why Rikers Island is not at all compared to jail.

Facilities in Rikers Island-

It consists of many beneficial rehabilitation centres which enhances the mind of the criminals and helps them to overcome their situation. It consists of correction centre. It also consists of detention centres and singer centres. Different centres have different names. They are probably names after famous authorities or famous people who may have been native to that country. For example the correctional centre has been named after Otis bantam and the centre is called the Otis bantam correctional centre. All of them serve different purposes. They all have different goals.