Kittens and Cats

By:Julia Shimshock

Cats and their body structure

Describing Cats

Have you ever wondered why cats are so smart? Well Cats are smarter than humans. They are smaller than us but that doesn't make them nice and cute because they can be feisty at times.

Body Composition

There are 250 bones that makes up a cat's skeleton. The cat's tail is very important because it helps them move. The tail helps cats to keep their balance. When a cat falls, it whips the tail and twists its body to land on its feet. They can run up to 30 miles an hour.

A cat has five toes on each paw. On the bottom of the paw there are spongy pads. The spongy pads help the cat to move quietly when sneaking up on prey.

The cats head is short and small but has powerful jaws.


When they are kittens they have 26 teeth. When they become older then they will have 30 tiny teeth. The teeth are very pointy used to grasp,cut and shred their food. Why do cats have rough tongues? Well they have what they call papillae that covers a cats tongue that makes it rough. The rough tongue helps by licking meat off the bone and grooming their coats.


Many cats purr when they are happy. But sometimes cats can purr if they are in pain, stress, injured or anxiety. Scientist haven’t figured out how they purr but, they say cats make the noise by muscles opening and closing to make the sound in the larynx or the voice box in the throat.

Don’t rush up to the cat because than they will get scared.

Simply pet the cat calmly and it will start to purr.

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Cat Life Cycle

Life Cycle of a Cat

When a cat is born it goes through their life style from when the are a kitten until they come a senior or in this case older years.


The first stage of a cat is when they are a kitten. They are very playful and they are very curious. So don’t be surprised to find a little kitten in your closet. At a young age they might have a case of tapeworms. Don’t panic! This is just part of their life when they are kittens,but you have to get rid of it. Your Local vet will sure to get rid of them. The kittens age is 4 to 6 months.

Adolescent years

The second stage of a cat’s life is when they are getting to be young adults. They are very energetic. The will slowly grow.They are called adolescent cats there age is about 6-12 months. Their behavior might change but thats ok because it’s just how they are developing into an adult. Like you maybe change your favorite color from blue to black.

Adult years

The third stage of a cat is when the start to reach their adult years. Age is probably 7 months to 12 years. They start to be less active than they were as a kitten. They start to gain weight easily.

Senior years

The last stage of a cat cat is when they get to their senior years. 7 to 12 years. They are still a little active, but can get several diseases. Like arthritis,kidney problems, liver problems, thyroid (dysfunction butterfly gland on the base of your neck), heart problems etc. .

This is a life cycle of a cat

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If Cats Eat Dog Food

Many scientist say that cat food won’t harm dogs if dogs eat it. But what about cats eating dog food?

The Difference

It’s important to know that a cat's nutrition diet is very different from a dogs. Cats have a higher level of protein.

Cats have to have taurine ( a specific amino acid). If a cat can’t get taurine they can develop blindness or heart disease. Dogs can make there own taurine, so it's not in there food. But, taurine is only placed in cat food.

Where is the Good Cat Food?

Also cat food from a grocery store or Walmart is actually is not very good for the cat because they contain by-products such as soy,gluten,corn and sweeteners. You should by food from a pet store like pet smart,pet supply or pet value,but always listen to your local vet to know what kind of pet food you should get for your cat.

NOW You Know

If you didn't realize,it is very bad for cats to eat dog food. It is very unhealthy and not good for the cat, so always make sure to get cat food and also food that the vet says is good for the cat. Sometimes cats can throw up if they don’t get good food for their body.

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What Cats do in the Day time v.s. Night time

Cats are crepuscular-most active at dusk (8:19) and dawn(12:00). They usually sleep during the day up to almost 15 hours to 20 hours in the 24 hour time frame.


At night is when cats are usually awake they could get into trouble and play with other cats (if you do have more than one cat) when you fall asleep.


In the daytime,When cats fall asleep they experience fast brain movement.The cat dozes for a bit, then a cat will only experience a deep sleep for about 5 minutes. Then the cat will go back to dozing(sleeping lightly) for about 15 to 30 minutes. This will keep repeating until the cat wakes up. When the cat is dozing they will position themselves in strange ways. As if they were going into action.

When a kitten is first brought into the home they will try to adapt to the environment which is where they will live. Then they will alter their sleeping habits so they can spend more time with their owner, or in this case you.

It seems that cats don’t have a fun day compared to yours ,but let me tell you this is their normal routine. Like classes that you might have in school. Cats already plan out there day. See they are smart!

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When Your Cat is Scared of You, How Do Build the Relationship?

If you're bringing in a new kitten or cat and they haven’t gotten used to you yet, here are some things that you should know to build the relationship.

IT’s Not that HARD

If you want to build the relationship the biggest part of the relationship is to love your cat. If you want your cat to like you then you will have to love the cat as if the cat were your child. But always put your kids first. But, what I mean is that caring for a cat is basically caring for a kid.


Things that you would do would be giving them healthy food and freshwater, taking the to the vet, playing with them, changing their litter( if they were an indoor cat, this rule doesn't apply to an outdoor cat). You also have to train it. I know that kind of sounds silly but it’s true. If you don’t want a cat in hanging from a curtain then make that cat not go there by teaching them a lesson. Not like putting them in a time out but by putting water in a spray bottle and spray them so they know if I go there I will get water sprayed at me.


Don’t let a cat have little space because then they wouldn't feel at home. You should let the cat have the whole house to stay in so they can have a little freedom.

Cats like to snuggle with you so they might cuddle up against you when you're sleeping. When you go to sleep crack the door open a little bit because then the cat can sleep with you or lay down with you.

The last thing a cat wants to do is not feeling comfortable at your house and that could lead to shy kitty or mean kitty. Just remember no cats hate you just make sure you take care of your cat and love the cat and the cat will love you.

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