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Apartment plans

We offer many different apartment plans such as a one bedroom, two bedroom and, three bedroom apartments. They vary in size and price. The three bedroom apartment has the largest size. At 1378 square ft and all of the three bed room apartments are listed around $1925. The two bed room apartment is neither big or small its just in the middle with a square ft around 1153. And prices around $1585. The one bedroom apartment is the smallest with a square ft of 713 and a price $1020. These are just the floor plans for people two know what are apartments are really made of. In the picture below there is a floor plan of a three bedroom apartment.
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Katy Ranch

If you have already read the floor plans we offer, than some things you might want to know now are the services we offer to our customers.

* Dog walking

* Get fit program

* Apartment cleaning

* laundry cleaning

And so much more. These are only examples of all the other things we can offer. Now that you know about the services, how about I show you the apartments that we would love to see occupied

Apartments look great when your living in them

Our apartments look great, they are also sleek and new. We feature stainless steel appliances. We also have walk in closets and even full washers and dryers right in your apartment. Hard wood floors are another key and imagine setting your grocerys on hard top granite counters! Our apartmnets weren't constructed for one person, we can allow you to have pets. You will never have to be alone again. Think about it, how many apartments allow pets? For how long will you let these apartments be empty? And if you don't like the atmosphere of the room, you can always redecorate. The community will only think about one thing, and thats to improve it. But how do you improve communities if the apartments are empty. Before you skip the page look at these amazing pictures of the apartments we offer