Greek Contrubutions

By: NikolasBarnett

Architecture of Greece

They had many beautiful temples and buildings. Some examples of these are the temple of Athena and the Parthenon. The Temple of Athena was used to worship the god Athena. The Parthenon was used as an acropolis and many other things, it was built by Pericles. The way it has helped us is that most of the columns we see today came from the Ancient Greece

The Sports of Greece

There are many types of sports today, but have you thought that mos of those came from the ancient Greeks? Yes, They Created the first Olympics which have led to the the modern Olympics. They did not have that many sports back then but now we have a lot of sports. Some examples of these types of sports in ancient Greece where Javelin, and discus. These led to the sports called Shot-put and other field activities.

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Mathematics of Greece

They created the number pi which is used for many things like circumference and area. There number table is close to the roman numerals.

Literature in Greece

There are some really interesting stories from ancient Greece. Some examples of Greek writing is the Iliad by homer, and the Odessy by Odysseus. The Iliad is about the Trojan war and how it got started and the Odessy is about Odysseus' 10 year home journey from the Trojan War and all the struggles he went through.

The picture is Homer.

Medicine in Greece

The medicine in Ancient Greece was very different than medicine is now. Back then they used herbs to heal there people. Now they have liquid medicine.
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Medicine Continued

This is a doctor treating a patient. This had lead to many medical advances and how they treated there patients.
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Science of Greece

The science of Greece is really hard to explain. They had many theories about the universe and what it was centered around. The also had some advances in science like new types of medicine.

Government in Greece

The Government of Greece is really weird because it went through many stages like from oligarchy to tyranny. The government spread through out the era. You will see this in the picture below.
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