April Team Newsletter

April Pop Us bring business all year long!

Spring into action (get it) this month and see the rewards through out the rest of 2016! It may seem like I'm jumping the gun in my advice however I promise I am not. Boosting your business and staying consistent WILL get you the network and sales you are wanting. What is the best way to stay consistent and grow your network? POPPING UP! We've been light on the pop up bookings across the board nationally so this will be our main focus for April. While online pop ups can be fun (I had one last month hit $1900 in sales) they do not generate the sales that an in home does. The average online PUS generates on average $350 in sales as compared to an in home average of $750. I always open an online pop up to go with an in home for guests who have a last minute something come up or for out of town guest that cannot attend. This is also a great way to pump up invitees with pics and posts PLUS it can help get those 3 outside orders that we encourage you to do with every Pop Up. What's even better is we have a gorgeous Capsule Collection launching on 4/5 that is the dream come true to many merchies who have begged for a collection like we are getting-simple and all silver! And an added bonus is our first ever WATCH! Convertible and oh so chic and stylish! I've got credits saved specifically for this watch! Scroll down to see another way to score this watch for FREE!

I'll be running a live team chat on Facebook during the National Sales Call! All team members on our team Facebook page got invites. If you aren't on our team page shoot me a quick text so I can get you added. Below is link to register for call! Hurry before it fills up! And cheers to a FANTASTIC Spring and beyond! Heart you all!
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Practice Makes Perfect!

Looking to feel more confident speaking to our brand story, seasonal collections, + jewelry designs? Look no further! The Training + Development team is so excited to announce new content that just landed in your Academy: Jewelry Knowledge Talking Points: Scripts + Flash Cards!

This new course gives you talking points for your Starter Kit pieces + jewelry across c+i's collection, including scripts + flash cards so you can practice speaking about our products. This way, when it comes time to pop-up, you'll feel armed + ready to speak to your customers - confidence is key!

Even better? This resource complements another recently added training video featuring Chantel, Michelle, + Casey sharing their talking points about Starter Kit pieces + beyond. We hope you find these trainings useful! Happy learning!