Turning People Against Each Other Since 1973


  • Believe that the person carrying the spawn should be able to do as they please
  • Is the woman is raped, and then impregnated, then only she can have a say on what she does with the child


  • Believe that the carrier must give birth to the child, regardless of where said spawn came from
  • Think that since a life is a life, carriers must give the child a chance to experience the world.

Abortion is the act of giving up the spawn before it reaches the 29th week of development.

My stand (Neutral)

I'm not a very tolerant person. There, I said it. If you, the carrier, are able to bare with the guilt that comes along with the act of abortion, then sure, go ahead and abort the child. However, if you happen to have even an ounce of possible doubt that you won't be about to live with the guilt, then have the baby. Either raise it yourself, put it up for adoption or set it outside someone's door, "Harry Potter" style. Okay, maybe don't do that last one.