It's Tech Tuesday!

Feb. 9, 2016

Brought to you by the LISD Tech Junkies, dedicated to transform your teching and teaching!

Google Templates

Sometimes, a content area teacher may not want to worry with the trouble of having students start a technology project from scratch. Instead, he or she may want to use an already-prepared template so that students can focus more on the content than on the mechanics of the technology. Here are some great Google templates for students to use either as their project starting block or for ideas.

Preventative Computer Maintenance Part II

Last week we discussed Proper Ventilation. Continuing with the theme of overheating, keeping certain parts of your computer free from dust build up will allow the computer to run more efficiently and possibly faster for many years. You may or may not be aware that we clean out each computer here every summer.

If your vacuum has a blower feature or you have some compressed air, there are several locations on a computer that should be blown out:

Make sure to have the computer turned off and unplugged from the electricity. Try to avoid physically touching anything inside the case and do not use a swiffer or feather duster.

If you open the case of the computer, you will see something similar to this:

Big image

You will notice something that looks similar to a radiator. Dust will build-up on the sides of the silver part. This is the heat sink for the processor to keep it cool.

Another location is the back of the power supply:

Big image

and the inside portion of the power supply:

Big image

Please be careful when blowing out the processor heat sink and the power supply. Make sure to not damage the fins on the heatsink.

The power supply is almost always blowing air to the outside, you should blow from the back of the computer, then from then inside to the outside.

The Internet of Things

As we discussed in two past issues, the IoT is being added to an ever increasing number of products. This is just the latest offering:

12 Things You Should NEVER Microwave:

We've all done it. From frozen hamburger patties to heating up lunch in plastic containers. Click here to find out what happens when you microwave things you shouldn't.