Google Drive or Dropbox?

Which storage system is better?

What are Google Drive and Dropbox?

Google Drive and Dropboc are both online storage systems that can be accessed anywhere, from your computer or phone. Each comes with there own advantages and disadvantages.

The Price

Google Drive offers cheaper plans than Dropbox, while also offering more storage for free up front. Even though Dropbox makes it very easy to get additional free storage space, Drive offers significantly more space for much less.

Desktop Client

Both Drive and Dropbox offer very similar desktop clients. Both allow you to see and access all of your files in a desktop folder. One caveat with Google Drive: You can only open documents in Google Docs. Even though Docs works well in offline mode, people who prefer Microsoft Word, for example, would first have to export the file from Docs and then open it in Word.

If you want more flexibility with your files, go with Dropbox.

Searching and browsing

Google Drive has a far superior search functionallity as there is way more advanced search features than Dropbox, which advanced search just lets you search keywords and the like.

File type support

Drive wins, for its ability to open and edit any type of file online. If you want to be able to view and edit a wide range of files online, Drive is the one for you. Sure, you can view files online using either Dropbox or Drive, but Dropbox requires you to download files in order to make edits.

Sharing Features

Dropbox provides a more seamless sharing experience. Sure, Drive gives you more visibility options, but Dropbox requires far less work on either end of the sharing spectrum.


Both services are available on iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android devices. But Dropbox has a slight upper-hand, as it's also compatible on Linux and Blackberry. But Google are developing on Drive for Linux. Neither support Windows Phone.

Dropbox wins, because it's available on more platforms.


Since Drive links to your Gmail account, you can enable two-step authentication.

Dropbox offers a similar two-step verification feature, where you must submit your password in addition to a six-digit security code in order to sign in.

Winner: Tie

The Winner

It's a close call between Dropbox and Drive, but Drive ultimately comes out victorious. Drive is much cheaper than Dropbox, offers more functionality online, and supports a unique set of file types.