Peyton's poems

created in 4th grade 2012- 2013

shape poem

Ice cream can be sweet, it can be minty, it can be cake like. It can melt down your throat. I scream, you scream, we all sceam for ice cream. Mint choclate chip, vanllia, carmel swirl, choclate, and dark choclate fudge. Yum!

couplet poems

1. I ran up the hill, I took a bad spill.

2. Eden is having some trouble, she lives in a very big bubble.

3. I know a brown dog she sits on a log.

acrostic poems


Used in baths



Everyone loves

Really cute

Do not really swim

Use them in baths

Can be any color

Keep in tub



An orange can be big.

A red apple is in that tree.

Banana's taste bad.



green, shiney

jewel, precious, expensive

hard, pointy, plain, bumby

sits, erodes, particles

gray, small



There once was a snail named Bael

he lived in a big purple pail

he likes eating jam

with his freind Pam

and Bael crawled back to his pail


1. Peyton

2. nice, freindy, funny, caring

3. Brent + Dori

4. soccer and pets

5. snakes and spiders

6. puppy love and food

7. puppies and laughter

8. Flordia and harlam gooble troders

9. Harlan, Iowa

10. Tucker