STCS Olweus Anti-Bullying Program

Our Anti-Bullying initiatives are based on the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and include the following components: four anti-bullying rules, a specific reporting system, regular class meetings, and a positive recognition program. We must work together as a community to use and implement each of these components to ensure our students feel safe and comfortable at St. Timothy's.

How can you help?

Identify and Use our Handbook's Definition of Bullying

Bullying is defined as any aggressive and unwanted behavior that is intended to harm, intimidate, or humiliate the victim; involves a real or perceived power imbalance between aggressor or aggressors and victim; and is repeated over time or causes severe emotional trauma. “Bullying” includes cyber bullying. “Bullying” does not include ordinary teasing, horseplay, argument, or peer conflict.

Identify and Use our Anti-Bullying Rules and Virtues

  1. Respect: We will not bully others.
  2. Compassion: We will include students who are easily left out.
  3. Integrity: When we know somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school or an adult at home.

  4. Fortitude: We will try to help students who are bullied.

Do you have one of these posters in your room? If not, please let Beth know

Respond IMMEDIATELY to a Bullying Situation.

When you SEE bullying, implement the "Teachable Moment":

  1. Stop the Bullying
  2. Support the Victim
  3. Name the Bullying Behavior
  4. Refer to the School Rules
  5. Impose Immediate Consequences (see below)
  6. Encourage the Bystanders

When bullying is REPORTED to you:

  1. Stop the Activity (if needed)
  2. State: “It has been reported that there is bullying here”
  3. Refer to the school rules
  4. Inform the students that next time, there will be a consequence given for bullying
  5. Allow the students to continue to play with INCREASED SUPERVISION only.
  6. Continue to monitor this group/activity CLOSELY. Impose Consequences if necessary.

More info on how to respond can be found here:

How to Respond

Tips for Teachers and Staff to Address Bullying

How to Talk about Bullying

If you see something, say something!

Implement Consequences for Bullying Behavior

Please use your classroom behavior system and/or collaborate with the administration to implement consequences for bullying behavior.

What NOT to do

  • Do not ask the students to work it out on their own. In particular, DO NOT facilitate a 'mediation' between the bully and the target. This places the target in an impossible situation.
  • Do not tell them it is not a problem or no big deal.
  • Do not brush off DISRESPECTFUL behavior between students. It may not be bullying, but it is still not appropriate. Label it as a "mean moment" and follow up as needed.

Class Meetings

This year we will facilitate regular classroom meetings according to the following schedule:

Friday, Sept. 11 at 2:20: Welcome Back, Get to Know you Activities

Friday, October 9 at 2:20: Growing a Garden of Good Deeds

Friday, November 20: Prayer Service/Prayer Partner Activity (Time TBD)

Friday, December. 11 at 2:20

Thursday, January 14 at 2:20

Wednesday March 9 (or March 16) at 2:20

Friday, April 15 (Time TBD)

Friday, May 13 (Time TBD)

Each month we will focus on a different virtue as part of our class meeting discussions.

Monthly Virtues:

Aug/Sep - Respect

Oct. - Understanding

Nov. - Compassion

Dec. - Generosity

Jan. - Kindness

Feb. - Integrity

Mar. - Loyalty

Apr. - Fortitude

May - Honesty

As the year progresses we will incorporate the virtues into our class meeting videos and provide you with more resources. In addition, each grade has a copy of the book Class Meetings that Matter to assist you in planning for these meetings. In addition, more resources and ideas can be found at these two live binder links:

1. STCS Anti-bullying Resources

2. Back to school: Getting to Know your Students

For some more ideas, you can follow Beth's Bullying and Back to School Boards on Pinterest!

Positive Recognition: Tiger Paws

Tiger Paws can be given to any student who demonstrates VIRTUOUS behavior. It is not just about bullying. It should extend to all situations, not just social ones. We want to recognize students who are living the gospel values throughout the school day.

We suggest that you highlight the virtues of the month as you acknowledge their positive behavior. Talk about these virtues and teach the students what you expect of them. Provide them with examples of the virtue.

Please do not give these for small acts of kindness, but rather something bigger that you wish to highlight and promote.

We will recognize these recipients each month according to the class meeting schedule. Students will get a certificate, their names read on the announcements, and a dress down day. Please feel free to acknowledge them during your meeting as well! At this time we are not planning on another, more tangible reward, but we are open to suggestions.

Click here for a printable tiger paw