Stock Market Crash of the 1930s

Written ny Joshua Dugan

The Stock Market crash adds even more to the great depression.

Banks invested "betting" the stocks would increase. After the public saw the decrease in stocks for the banks over 16 million people sold their stocks and the stock market then crashed! Unemployment was at 30 percent for the entire nations work force!!!

This aided to the great depression???

Well yes and no

The stock market had some impact on the great depression but if the crash wouldn't have happened the depression still would've arisen. The crash was fixed up though with the reform President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This made it so the banks couldn't lose your money so stocks wouldn't be bought at once out of fear.

The end of it all

The end of the effects of the stock market crash were never exactly remembered. The US was just being thrown into world war one. The economy spurred with all the jobs being made and taken, for building bullets, guns , and other war items. Every one was so busy with the war the end of the crash effects were simply forgotten. Only temporarily though, cause who could forget the devastation of that day,