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February 2021 Edition

Welcome to the February 2021 Edition of the AHS Cambridge Newsletter. Please scroll all the way down to see all the wonderful happenings in our Cambridge Program at Aiken High School.
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College Recognition Update for S.C. Colleges and Universities

On February 12th, the Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing voted to recommend adoption of a Cambridge policy for AS & A Levels at the score of E to the full Commission. On March 4th, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education will reach a final consensus to include the policy language in the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education Policies on Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Cambridge Assessment International Credit Awards.

If the vote is approved, by August 2021 the policy will be in place and enforced by all in-state public institutions. Upon the final vote all in-state public colleges/universities will compose credit charts starting in April/May 2021. Credit charts will explain which Cambridge AICE course will be accepted, along with the number of transferred credits, and the course it will substitute for within the institution’s system. Colleges/universities are projected to begin accepting Cambridge AICE credits for students matriculating in the fall of 2021. Cambridge’s Recognition Database will be updated to reflect the changes. This database is used to populate a search of colleges/universities that have provided Cambridge with formal written acceptance of Cambridge AS Level and A Level qualifications.

To populate a search through Cambridge’s Recognition Database, visit the link at https://recognition.cambridgeinternational.org/.

For more information regarding the Cambridge Assessment International Education Credit AICE Award Policy and to see the exact language of the policy follow the link and see page 6:


Take a look inside our Cambridge AICE and IGCSE classrooms!

See the innovative and engaging lessons our Cambridge students and teachers are experiencing!

A Note from Mrs. Long and Mrs. Mcmillian’s IGCSE English II Classes:

In our English II Honors classes, we were studying and analyzing poetry for a few weeks. We used the SWIFT method (structure, word choice, imagery, figurative language, and theme) to discover the deeper meaning. We related poetry to music and had students use the SWIFT method to analyze their favorite song. After they analyzed, we had them create a visual representation of the chosen song by displaying major themes, symbols, figurative language, etc.
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A Note from Mrs. McCurdy's AICE Environmental Management, AS Level Course:

We classified the quality of water based on the types of macroinvertebrates present. The lab stations were different "ponds" of water. Student classified the types of organisms present and used that to calculate the pond's Biotic index which was then used to determine water quality.
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Students built ground water systems which they added pollution to see how it moves through the system.

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Students tested water samples in class. Students could bring in water or I had samples. We looked at pH, nitrate, phosphates, dissolved oxygen and chlorine levels.
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We are learning about water pollution and plastics in our water. To illustrate how plastic is entering into the food chain we dissected Albatross boluses. If you are not familiar, an albatross is a seafaring bird. Much like an owl pellets that many of our students dissected in grade school, a bolus is all the indigestible material that is "thrown up" by an albatross. The Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific sends them to teachers to use in class. We found plastic pipe, chips of plastic, tons of fishing line, hardened foam along with the squid beaks we should have been finding.
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A Note from Mr. Carpenter’s AICE Marine Science , AS Level Course:

Students presented projects on Coastal Hurricanes in AICE Marine Science.

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Upcoming Events and Reminders

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AICE Diploma Application Forms

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Please note all AICE Program Application Forms have been made available to students and teachers on our school's website for convenience. The forms include the Letter of Intent, AICE Diploma Application, AICE Diploma Verification Form, and Teacher Recommendation form. Forms are available in print version or can be submitted electronically.

Letter of Intent - For students currently taking their first AICE Course this school year.

AICE Diploma Application - For students who have taken at least one or more AICE Courses AND passed AICE exams.

AICE Diploma Verification Form - For students who will be receiving their AICE Diploma this school year.

Teacher Recommendation Form - For Teacher use only to submit recommendations for AICE Students

To open this page and access forms, please click on the link below.


Understanding AICE Exam Scores & Results

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Learn about earning the AICE Diploma :

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Cambridge Virtual School Visits

Please submit your interest to Ms. Cantey if you would like to be signed up to visit a Cambridge Demonstration school virtually. Available dates are below.

  • February 25th: John I Leonard
  • March 16th: Cypress Bay High School
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Cambridge International AS and A Levels
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Cambridge AICE Program at AHS


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