Article XXVIII

Marriage Amendment

What would it do?

This amendment allows all people of all genders, to be granted the right of marriage. This means all gay and lesbian marriages will be legal and unquestioned. It will be a human right to be married and be allowed to love who ever one would like to love.

Who would it benefit?

This amendment would benefit all individuals that identify as gay or lesbian and would like to be joined by marriage. This also helps all who believe in the right of gay marriage. It was loosen tensions and allow all who want the right, to have it.


Some religious people believe that it is against the bible to be married to the same sex. However, not everyone believes this and this should not stop anybody. This will cause some people to be angered but love is worth it.


This amendment would not cost anything. It will bring in money because people will pay to be married. The only thing that would cost money would be to make new places to be married but that is not mandatory at all.