Buncee As a Blended Learning Tool

Watch This Video to Learn About Buncee


Accessing Buncee

BISD purchases Buncee edu for our teachers. Click on this link to access BISD's Buncee subscription.

Create an All About Me Buncee

Once you have accessed BISD's Buncee subscription, create a one page All About Me Buncee. This will help you get the hang of how Buncee works.

How Can Buncee Work as a Blended Learning Tool?

  • Students can create projects related to what they are learning
  • Flip your lessons within Buncee!
  • Read this article about how one teacher uses Buncee with station rotation
  • Students can share their work and/or creations on a Buncee board (similar to Padlet). See an example of one of my Buncee boards here.
  • Engage students with a safe, "social" experience with Buncee (comments/likes on Buncee boards)
  • Differentiation! The teacher can create differentiated Buncee assignments to share with students on different Tiers of learning.
  • Personal choice! Students are free to safely create using Buncee's seemingly endless supply of graphics, animation, font choices, etc.

How Would YOU choose to Use Buncee?

Find the Buncee chart hanging in our classroom. Add your own creative ideas for how YOU might use Buncee in a Blended Learning environment.

Time Left in This Station?

Play around in Buncee. Explore the various tools and create something unique! How about using Buncee to present a lesson?

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