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Fourth Quarter News 2012-2013

Library Stats for 03/28/2013 thru 06/04/13

  • 1,949 library items checked out
  • 647 individual student visits
  • 29 class visits to the library

Classroom Teacher & School Librarian Collaborations

  • Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Pace- 7th grade Language Arts students learned about concentration camps, internment camps and the USA Patriot Act.
  • Mrs. Catoe- 8th grade Intro to French students learned about biographical research materials and citing sources.
  • Mr. Gunter- Guitar students researched musicians and wrote narratives about their selected artists.
  • Ms. Burgess- 8th grade Art students used media resources to research Art related careers.
  • Ms. Burgess- 6th grade Art students previewed and checked out Art books during an Art book pass in the media center.
  • Mrs. Brown sixth period Language Arts class participated in a Poetry Slam with Muller Road students via Skype.
  • Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Pace- 7th grade Language Arts students meet and spoke with author Diane Stanley about her book Saving Sky via Skype.
  • Mrs. Whisenant & Ms. Russ- 8th grade Language Arts students used media center resources to research geologic times.
  • Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Pace and Mrs. Brown- Language Arts students participated in a Poetry Picnic in the media center.
  • Mrs. L Brown- 6th & 7th grade Math students learned how to plan, edit and create videos about math concepts.

Highlights from the fourth quarter...

  • We Skyped for the first time every not once, but twice- with Muller Road AND with author Diane Stanley!
  • Our news show crew went on a visit to Westwood High School to their news show program in action.
  • Our school team participated in the Richland 2 Reading challenge.
  • We held a book swap for teachers and students.

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