We need a new President

Why it was tough.

In the late 1700s and early 1800 being a president was an extremely tough job. Nations were constantly going to war and America was in the middle of it.

America was in the middle of the French Revolution

France v. Britain

When France and Britain were at war America couldn't trade with them without being attacked. The president had to decide what nation he should support.


In the Caribbean, Pirates at Tripoli were attacking American trading ships. It took a few years for Tripoli to be destroyed.

The British(again)!

When the British were at war with the French and America was having the trading problem. The British decided to set up a blockade over American ports. America couldn't send any goods to far away colonies without being attacked.

Problems in America

The indians

The president also had to deal with problems in America. The natives wanted to take back the territory that they lost in the American Revolution. The president had to deal with many attacks from them. The president also had to assign new lands that to Indians could live on in an effort to keep peace.

Vice Presidents

In the Late 17 hundreds, the vice president would always be the runner up. This cause many issues because the presidents had two different veiws on thing. The President had to create a new way to have a vice president so their views don't clash.

Ties in the votes

When the election came around, there was always a chance for a tie. In James Madison's election he just barely won. James Madison had to create an Electoral college. This made it so there were going to be no more ties in the presidential elections