3D Printing

Criteria B - Developing Ideas - Sreypich Heng

Design Specifications

  • must be white
  • must have a diameter of 6.5 cm
  • must have a slot to slip the hand into
  • width of bangle must be 3cm
  • must be light
  • must be simple, elegant and trendy
  • must include some sort of pattern
  • must be able to fit into a teenager girl's wrist


Diameter = 6.5 cm

Radius = 3.25cm

Thickness = 1cm

Width = 3cm

Circumference = 21cm

Sketch #1

This design is one the most technical design because of all the circles within the bigger circles. So, to have a good contrast, I decided I would only design 3 and the those 3 little designs will only be wore upward with the designs. I really like this one because it's very elegant and the pattern is well thought out.
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Sketch #2

I don't really like this design because it's too simple and the flowers are really far apart. This is very 7 years old girls type, which is not suitable for my target audience.
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Sketch #3

This design is little better looking than the second one, but still too simple. However, if I start design this digitally, we can change/rotate the lines across the center of the circles to the target client's liking. Therefore, I think this design is very versatile.
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Design Specifications Evaluation

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Final Decision

I chose this as a final design because it's most technical and the shapes are more interesting than the other designs. Also, I think this design would be very versatile with many different types of audience, whether it's for a teenage girl, grown women, ladies, old, young, any age. Similarly, I want to choose this design because I want to challenge myself to using more programs like tinkercad, illustrator, photoshop, etc. in order to finish creating this design digitally. Base on the design specifications evaluation, you can clearly see that design #1 met all of the design specifications and it's very suitable for the design brief of creating something unique and interesting for the client.
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I think the best price to sell this bracelet is $4-$7. I honestly think that that price is fairly reasonable and it's not too pricey that nobody would be willing to buy. That price range can benefit a lot of different audiences, from rich to poor and to normal class.