The Neurological System

Jaxson Townsend

Parts of the neurological system

There are many different parts of the neuro system. There is the brain and the spinal cord the brain controls every thing in the body and the spinal cords send that information and has nerves that give your body control of its self. The cerebellum is the part of your brain that controls the ear you have brain tissues and neurons. The ear is actually vary helpful. The cortex helps with may things like hearing talking and lim moment.

Diseases and medical advances

There are many different things that can harm the neurological system like brain cancer or parkinson's. But a vary common and dangerous brain disease is meningitis. Meningitis is caused by an infection from a fungus or bacteria. In kids side effects may vary from a fever to mood change and not eating. The most common treatment is chemotherapy and almost all people have a safe recovery but some times sever brain damage and even death can occur. The neuro system has vary few parts that can be lived with out. They are parts like sight and hearing but you can't live without the cerebral cortex attached or any part of the neurological system. There have been many growths in the knowledge about the brain and with that comes more information about the cerebellum.

The way the cerebellum interacts

The cerebellum handles advanced info processing like the seven senses. The part that controls the ears interacts with other parts of are brain. It tells the feet when there getting off balance or the deep limbic system is you hear a sound you don't like.