Morgan Horse

Morgan Hinson

Height and Weight

Morgan horses should be 14.1 to 15.2 hands.

Morgan horses should weigh anywhere from 900 to 950 pounds.

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Morgan horses are most commonly bay, black, or chestnut. There are other various colors possible for a Morgan, yet they are rare.
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Morgans were bred to be used in a field so they are very strong. They are also great riding horses because they are quick and stylish.
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Physical Characteristics

  • broad forehead
  • large, prominent eyes
  • short ears
  • well defined withers
  • well developed chest
  • flat bones in legs
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Justin Morgan acquired a bay horse and as the times allowed, he named it after himself. They history is unknown but Morgans are thought to be bred from the True Briton.
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Important Information

Morgans should be known for their stamina, vigor, alertness, adaptability, and animation. They are strong horses who are used for work in the fields but they also come in handy for riding.
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