B.E.A.R. Insider

Issue #1

BEAR Leadership Team/ Co-Founders,

First, I have a few thank yous. Thanks to Gene for allowing us to use his yard and getting the projector. Thanks to Chura for spell checking everything except my slideshow, and most importantly to all the members of BEAR who showed up last night. I appreciate your support and I am excited to start this journey with friends.

Second, this will be the first Insider (of many) I will be sending out. This is the primary way I will be keeping everyone informed of current information and where we are in the process. There are several other areas you can get the information (google calendar, Facebook, website, newsletters). This is just my primary contacting you for more sensitive information pertaining only to leadership team/ co-founders. Obviously, we are all the co-founders and I will address it leadership team as we recruit new people to leadership positions.

Third, I have attached several links at the bottom of this email. You probably got several notifications from me today already. This is in case any of those email got deleted, spam filtered, or you just missed them. First link is for the BEAR BBQ event on June 20th. Please click on it and be sure to RSVP. I added a list of stuff if you want to bring a side dish. Thank you to Chura for hosting. The second link is a google drive folder. We will be using google drive to store documents, powerpoints, excel sheets, survey/ results, and our website. Any item you create in this folder will be shared between all of us. The last link is to our BEAR Calendar. This calendar is just for the Leadership Team. I will create another later that will be available online to others. You have editing permission. You are able to add and delete events as needed. I figured this would make it a lot easier to schedule with the attorneys as we begin the process.

SO... Where do we go from here. We need to schedule meeting times with the attorneys to begin drafting bylaws and creating BEAR organization. We need to raise/ collect the $1650.00.

The next thing is to figure out who is going to handle each of the responsibilities. I figure we can discuss this at the BBQ on the 20th. Facebook needs setup, our website, twitter, team to draft by-laws, etc.

Just remember...The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (Lao Tzu). These are the first two steps in our journey. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions.

Thank you again for your support,

Richie Musser

Co-Founder of BEAR



Party eVite


Google Drive Folder


Google Calendar