Shopping Methods

By: Hannah

How to Shop and not Drop!

So, you are like trying to figure out whether to buy that coral shirt or the the mint green shirt? Well, I am here to help! So, what is your favorite color then and find it in the style you like. For instance my favorite color is coral an orangey - pink. So, i would look for things in that color and try and match it. You can match a plain colored tank top with some printed shorts and heels or flats! So easy once you find a piece to work around like shoes jewelry a statement necklace anything! Shopping can be easy this way! When i go shopping i like to look for a t-shirt and work in plain things or if the t-shirt is plain work in patterns galore!

This can make shoppers that hate to shop have fun!

Shirts and Tanktops!

So you need to buy a shirt or a tank top? Well, my favorite thing to look for is muscle tanks they can be soooo cute tucked in with some denim shorts! So when you go to a store look for something like that. If you are looking for a plain old t-shirt look for a color that pops! Like orange or hot pink!

Shorts and Pants!

When you are shopping for a cute pair of shorts or pants for a cold night to base around your shirt then this is how! So, if you have a cute pattern shirt go for plain colored shorts or denim jeans! You can also buy a cute pair of capris! This can be easy just go to a store and buy some shorts or pants that you like! You can even do a little DIY


Are you debating whether to wear flats or heels, I am here to help! So, if you have 573,489,854,754 pairs of shoes like me I feel you pain! So look at your outfit does it have a lot of color and pop well then go with a neutral colored shoe! Or if you have a duller colored outfit go with a brighter shoe. These ideas will help you look more put together.


Well this is simple.

Just choose something you like and what complements you best!

Boom! Done.


The most important thing about sales is to not buy something you hate or doesn't fit, just because it is on sale. Find something you like that is on sale. Or you can even buy winter clothes on sale in the summer for the winter or vice versa.


If you have a favorite store and you shop there a lot, dont be afraid to try other stores.

For Example: I like Maurices but i could also try somewhere like Kohls and find similar things.

Have Fun

Have fun shopping with friends. You can get more help on what to buy. I do this to get the honest truth on what looks good. Plus, a lot of you friends have borrowed your clothes, or know your closet. So, they can suggest outfits and help more.

Oragnizing Your Closet with new Clothes

My clothes are organized by color. Sometimes if you buy something with crazy colors it can be hard to organize. So, find things that have a lot of colors and make them their own group. Or, look for a main color or the color that pops. If you compare it to a bunch of colored shirts that have the same colors, you can see the colors that pop!