All-powerful, eternal God,

You have chosen to give mankind a model of humility;

Our Savior took on our flesh and subjected himself to the Cross.

Grant us the grace to preserve faithfully the lessons he has given us in his Passion

and to have a share in his resurrection


As we go into the busyness of the last two weeks of Term 1, let's be mindful that Sunday is Palm Sunday and we enter into Holy Week next week. On Tuesday (4 April), we will have our whole school Stations of the Cross at 9:15am at the church. Having parents there makes a big difference, so please come along! Details of our parish Holy Week services can be found on the parish website. Please note, bookings are required for most services.

Many people from outside our school community have said to me in the past that they have been unaware of our little school tucked away here on Learoyd Street. Please help us get the message out there and spread the word about the exceptional education, opportunities and community we have here at St Paul's. If you have not already, please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages. Interestingly, while at a big family reunion for my wife's family on the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised talking to a relative who I had not met before when she told me that she used to live in the area and sent her children to St Paul's! It was great to meet more people with a connection to our school!

As we approach the holidays and this is the final newsletter for Term 1, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Easter (for when we get there!) and an enjoyable and restful holiday. We have our P&F Easter raffle next week after lunch on the last day of term so some lucky families will have lots of chocolate to take home! As I have noted previously, one of our focus areas as a school this year is wellbeing and the clear message is that we need to start with our own wellbeing before we can effectively impact students' wellbeing. Please take the time to build in some wellbeing time over the holidays and highlight each other's character strengths.

Unwell Students

Please note, if a student is unwell, they should be kept home. There have been a number of unwell students at school lately and, unfortunately, this leads to sickness spreading among others. Please ensure you keep your child home if they are unwell. Thanks for your support with this.

St Paul's Swimming Carnival

We were blessed with an amazing day for our swimming carnival this year. I would like to extend my appreciation to our PE teacher, Kristy Wise, for the incredible effort she put into organising the carnival. Along with seeing our students compete so well, another highlight of the day for me was seeing our community come together and the willingness of our parents to lend a hand. My sincere thanks goes to all of the parents who so generously gave their time and skill to support us on the day with the many jobs that needed to be done, as well as all of the parents who came along to cheer and be a part of the day. This makes a huge difference!

Some photos have been added to a post on the Latest News section on our website.

School Parish Mass

Don't forget we have our next School Parish Mass this weekend on Sunday (Palm Sunday) at 9:00am. Morning tea will be served in the Barbier Hall following Mass. Our Year 3 and 4 students will be helping with various ministries for this Mass. We hope to see you there!

Student Retention

This year, our School Advisory Council is doing some important work in the area of student retention. Historically, St Paul's has seen some of our boys leave at the end of Year 3 to go to Trinity. We believe we have something unique and valuable to offer in our upper primary here at St Paul's and hope to enter into some dialogue with parents to address this situation and delay students leaving until the end of Year 6 as much as possible. We look forward to working with our community in this area.

Grass Area

After a longer than expected wait, I was informed on Friday by the City of Stirling that they would be removing the barrier around the new grass early this week and this afternoon it came down! I appreciate everyone's patience as we have waited for the grass to establish before being able to make use of it. Students will go back to eating out on the grass tomorrow and will be able to play in that area, however, initially, ball sports such as soccer will be kept on the courts and we will keep an eye on how the grass holds up. This also reduces the issue of balls going out onto the street through the openings while we continue to investigate the possibility of being able to install gates. We look forward to enjoying this beautiful area again!

Change of Date for Student Free Day

Please note, we have had to change one of the student free days that was originally scheduled in Term 3 (18 August) to be in Term 2. The new date is Tuesday 6 June, which follows the WA Day long weekend.

Building Project

The next step in the building project is to prepare the lift pit, pour the footings and install the blocks in the base. We were expecting the concrete for the lift base to be poured over the weekend, however, I was informed on Friday afternoon that this would need to be delayed for a short time. I am now waiting for an update from the builders and will be meeting with them this week.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Please note, parent teacher interviews are happening this week and students finish at 12:30pm on Tuesday to allow for interviews throughout Tuesday afternoon and evening. Our out of school hours care provider, Extend, is running on Tuesday from 12:30pm if you require this service. Interview bookings have closed, however, if you still need to book a time, you can contact the relevant teacher directly.

Latest News

Please keep an eye on our Latest News section on our website for what's been happening around St Paul's. There are some great photos of our Harmony Day celebrations on Friday and some photos from the swimming carnival.


Mr Pete Merry




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