Hello Gorgeous....

Monthly Reminders

We're coming to the End of another Quarter so here's a few reminders.

New Stylists!! If you haven't booked your Launch show yet this month there's still time. Please contact your Sponsor or Myself if you need some help. We're here to get you started and help you build that gorgeous display of Accessories for FREE!!

Consistency Bonus - Qualified with $500(retail) in each month ( July, Aug, Sept)

Because of the new reports system not quite complete. I'm unable to go back to see everyone's sales. I know that there is more then a few of you who have qualified for your Consistency Bonus already. Those of you still working towards it, you still have time to collect those orders or book that extra Trunkshow.

$500 product credit for $99 Coupon - Qualified with $2000 (retail) combined sales for July, August, Sept

It's BACK and looks to be Staying! Yay! Sell $2000 retail this quarter and the Coupon is yours! A few of you have already unlocked your coupon and even more of you are so close! With the launch of our Breast Cancer bracelets and still a few weeks in the month I have no doubts that you'll all be collecting on this sweet offer!

New Stylists... You too have time to snap up this coupon! Hold your launch, book in tight (everyone knows what there doing next week, right? Why not a fun style session with you?!) sell on the go and share our breast cancer boutique! Need some help or words to say? Let me know I'm here to help you!! XO

Who's going to take these Fabulous Prizes Home?

There's still over a week left to win the Race! I'm cheering you all on and can't wait to celebrate your promotions and gift you these fabulous goodies! Good Luck!

Precious Gems Incentive - a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes!! Yes Please!!

Make sure to post on the Precious Gems page how many entries you should have before end of month. Please let me know if your not on the Precious Gems facebook page. I'll make sure your added!
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Good Luck Everyone!! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any Questions! XO